Jewellery Design

I learned the basics of bead-making from a friend whose mother sold jewellery at a weekly outdoor market. He had learned a great deal about making jewellery from his mother and was happy to share his knowledge with me. This began a lifelong fascination with the craft, although it went on the back burner for about 15 years until I met a good friend who made jewellery in her spare time. She knew a lot about the craft and was tremendously supportive, guiding me as I rekindled my skills and learned several new ones. Together, she and I have visited bead shops and gems shows, and have spent hours together crafting beautiful gifts and sharing ideas. I hope to do more of it as time goes on. I’m still an amateur, and my skills are nowhere close to my friend’s level, but I’m a devoted student, stocked with an ample supply of beautiful beads and other materials. Stay tuned as things progress… I hope.

Please excuse the poor photo quality of these photos. Although I may have a knack for nature photography, I didn’t own a good camera when these were taken, and so my iPhone was the only option.