Jewellery Design

I learned the basics of bead-making from a friend whose mother sold jewellery at a weekly outdoor market. He had learned a great deal about making jewellery from his mother and was happy to share his knowledge with me. This began a lifelong fascination with the craft, although it went on the back burner for about 15 years until I met a good friend who made jewellery in her spare time. She knew a lot about the craft and was tremendously supportive, guiding me as I rekindled my skills and learned several new ones. Together, she and I have visited bead shops and gems shows, and have spent hours together crafting beautiful gifts and sharing ideas.

In 2024, I launched an online marketplace—Raincoast Handmade Creations—featuring handmade items created by British Columbia crafters and artisans. My jewellery friend and I have started selling our inventory on the site, and soon I will be opening it up to many other local vendors, with bath and beauty products, textiles and apparel, game and toys, art prints and photography, woodwork, glass art, ceramics, candles, housewares, and more! Check it out!

Raincoast Handmade Creations


Please excuse the poor photo quality of some of these photos.