Music Performance

Music has always been in my soul. Born into a family of musicians—from classical, to big band, to new age, to rock—it’s not surprising that my youth was infused with music instruction of varying kinds. At around age six, I started piano lessons, then, at the encouragement of my accomplished musical mother, I decided to choose a band instrument upon starting middle school. After some brief contemplation, this otherwise shy little girl decided that “Drums!” would be her voice. Piano remained a favourite pastime, and I picked back up with lessons during high school, but percussion became my focus for years—particularly timpani (kettle drums), quads (quad toms), and snare drum.

Music Resume
All throughout high school and university, I grew as a musician, even obtaining awards for music performance and securing the role of section leader and band president. For over a decade, I performed in local orchestras and symphonic bands, wherein I built some treasured memories performing in the pit orchestras for some lavish local operas, musicals and ballets. Some of my most memorable performances included La Bohème, Carmen, The Nutcracker Ballet, and Hello Dolly! And, even though it wasn’t my natural percussion style, I occasionally filled in on drumset when the pep band performed during football and basketball games.

I started university as a music major, but quickly changed gears and followed my heart back to art, which led to a career in graphic and web design. More on that on my biography page.

Over the years since university, I’ve performed with a few community symphonic bands, but music performance has mostly taken a back seat to my career. Yet, music fills my mind continuously. Every time I’m alone in a room with a piano, I’m drawn to it like a magnet, and I am always watching the horizon for an opportunity to pull my drumsticks out of storage.