My biggest passion behind the lens lays in capturing scenes with little unnatural disturbance by anything man-made and artificial. Every time I’m out in nature, I’m on a continuous search for scenes in which no human objects interfere with the harmonious balance of plants and animals. Powerful natural beauty constantly surrounds us, and I feel most of us take it for granted.

Capturing fleeting moments of time with the click of a button, and preserving otherwise impermanent scenes—a breathtaking glint of sunlight reflected on the ocean’s surface just before the sun sets, or a cluster of leaves just before the autumn wind carries them away—is one of the most powerful ways we have to remind the world of the importance of our ever-changing environment. Photographing the calculated absence of humans is one of my objectives—an empty bench or bridge, an overgrown forest trail free of people, an empty beach when the waves have washed away all footprints, objects buried deep under snow, moss or mud, or the calm surface of a serene lake without any boats to make ripples. It’s the duty of artists and naturalists to help preserve nature’s glory by sharing these scenes with the world.